How to get your Assets to Polygon(Matic)
Matic is a layer 2 solution built on top of Ethereum. In order to transact and use Matic(Polygon) network, you need to transfer your assets onto Matic. Video tutorials coming soon.
STEP 1: Add custom RPC network in Metamask to create a Polygon Wallet and connect to Polygon(Matic) Network (click for tutorial) STEP 2: Onboarding onto Polygon(Matic) Network There are several possibilities on how to onboard Matic Network, depending on where your funds are located right now:
In order to connect to Matic mainnet network, you have to use Metamask, create a wallet or use an existing one and set custom RPC network settings on mainnet. Don't let a few unknown words frighten you. It's actually very simple. In order add custom RPC network and connect to Matic(polygon) mainnet, just follow 2 simple steps listed(click here).
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