Mac&Cheese (XVMC)
FIAT(card/bank) -> Polygon(Matic)
How to buy Matic(polygon) directly with Credit Card or Bank account. You can purchase USDC, USDT and MATIC with credit card/bank account and receive it on Polygon(Matic) Layer2 Mainnet
STEP1: Install Metamask and add Matic Network to get Polygon Wallet (TUTORIAL HERE)
STEP2: You can purchase Matic directly with your Credit Card or Bank account via TRANSAK. Visit Transak website BY CLICKING HERE If Transak is not working(for whatever the reason), there is also a similar alternative service that you can use, called
Then choose the currency you wish to purchase. Recommended choice is USDC or MATIC. Those are the most used and liquid pairs and you can use them to exchange into literally any other cryptocurrency on Polygon! Don't worry about the fees, because there are almost none on Polygon L2! Choose your preferred method of payment, and use the wallet you generated in step 1 to receive your payout!
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