Adding Polygon(Matic) to Metamask. Creating Polygon(Matic) Wallet
Tutorial: How to Connect to Polygon(Matic) with Metamask through a custom RPC in order to get your Polygon(Matic) Wallet
Creating a Polygon(Matic) Wallet Connecting to a Matic network through custom RPC is very simple and can be done in a few simple steps. By doing so, you will receive your own Polygon Wallet on Polygon Layer2, which enables you to send transactions and interact with applications with blazing fast speed and near-0 fees.
(1) Install metamask from their official website: If you already have Metamask, simply skip to step 1.3
(1.2) Open Metamask Extension(or app on phone) Create new wallet
(1.3) Click "Ethereum Mainnet"
(1.4) Select "Custom RPC"
(1.5) Fill with following details Network Name: Polygon Mainnet New RPC URL: ChainID: 137 Symbol: MATIC Block Explorer URL: Once filled, click "Save"
Your Polygon(Matic) wallet is ready!
Now you are ready to transfer your assets to your Polygon(Matic) wallet!
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