The main adoption token is DOGE2. It is meant to serve as a community-driven token for adoption. It has been launched fairly and transparently to 30,000+ holders. All existing tokens have been already pre-minted. There are no active emissions. The tokens have been distributed to the participants and the remaining tokens have been LOCKED into the treasury wallet, which is time-locked(funds can not be withdrawn immediately) to ensure safety and transparency for all participants. Main purpose for the DOGE tokens is to spread real world adoption and usage. There are no miners nor stakers needed, as the tokens are secured by the Polygon network. This enables the tokens to preserve the value within the ecosystem. The only emissions for the tokens will be through rewards to new users. By slowly releasing the supply as a reward for adoption from new users, a net positive returns can be generated for both, the holders as well as new users. Tokens are meant to inflate only for the purpose of distribution to new users by spreading the real world adoption and usage. Anyone from the community can build their own application. Afterwards they can submit a proposal on the DOGE2 governance portal, and if the community votes in their favor, an amount of DOGE2 tokens can be withdrawn from the treasury and allocated as rewards to real users on their application. DOGE2 will also serve as a "gateway" to decentralized Finance - The dogecoin of DeFI. Cryptocurrencies can be hard and complex to understand, but everyone understands Dogecoin, which had an appeal to the widest audience possible, making it as one of the best-performing assets. The goal for DOGE2 is to serve a similar use-case, but as a "dogecoin of DeFI". DOGE2 enables users to dive into the decentralized finance system in a low risk environment(as low as zero risk by getting some free tokens). Users can already stake DOGE2 and earn XVMC in the pools. In the future there could also be a possibility of staking DOGE2 to enter DOGE420 and DOGE69.
    DOGE2 utility:
      Finite Supply
      Part of the Mac&Cheese Buyback&Burn model(DEFLATIONARY!)
      Holders of DOGE2 earn collectible coins DOGE420 and DOGE69
      Base currency and a reward on the up-and-coming Viral Memes Platform ( upcoming charting platform for coins on Polygon. Advertisement on site to be paid with DOGE2 LP tokens
          DOGE420, DOGE69 utility:
          Limited Supply
          Dank Collectible coins
          (??) included in the XVMC burnback(DEFLATION) proccess. This decision will be left up to the community
      TOKEN: DOGE2
      Website: Total Supply: 100,000,000,000.00 Contract Address: 0x85eCa3374D7FEA1eCd79BB4D875CF9E220e9fbDB Token: DOGE420
      Website: Total Supply: 420,420,420,420.00 Contract Adress: 0x2b22422dA881CA403141D151453e4a163C98061f Token: DOGE69
      Website: Total Supply: 696,969,696,969.00 Contract Adress: 0x9374b8A848435637e9eBC2aC88904Ff829C4037f
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