Mac&Cheese (XVMC)
Cheese Dip - POOLS
Dip your XVMC tokens in a dank cheese sauce for some high-calory gains. This is where XVMC holders will be able to stake their tokens and earn DOGE2, DOGE420 and DOGE69, as well as any other future partnership tokens. If you are a project owner interested in providing tokens for staking on our platform, plese contact us in our Telegram.
More info: Cheese dip could be enabled in the upgrade of the XVMC protocol. By staking XVMC, users would receive a "certificate of deposit"(CDP), which will be represented on the Polygon blockchain as CHEESEDIP(CDP). The CDP act as a liquid asset that you can transfer and trade while your XVMC tokens are locked in the smart contract generating passive interest returns. The CDP is a representation of your locked XVMC tokens. By staking CDP you will be able to earn XVMC(penalties from premature withdrawals), as well as tokens DOGE420 and DOGE69 and other potential partnered tokens.
Last modified 2mo ago
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