General Info

Mac&Cheese.Finance - "Pancakeswap on Polygon": 3rd Generation Yield Farm

Mac&Cheese.Finance is a DeFi project built on highly scalable Polygon(Matic) Network. We are strongly focused on the end-user applications. Our goal is to bring adoption and usage of the blockchain to the masses through fun and easy to interact with dapps. We aim to combine the best of both worlds - using the best available technology on most scalable network, while at the same time reaching the broad audience through MEMEs, projects and dapps that anyone can use.

We are building a MEME platform where users get paid in tokens for their participation and engagement. To create a self-sustaining and self&governing model we will also launch a 3rd Generation Yield Farm that will serve as a platform for staking, provide incentives for liquidity providers and generate fees for sustained development as well as for buybacks&burns. The native token for the Mac& yielding platform is XVMC. MEME platform

  • Website & Mobile app where users can share funny and interesting memes, pictures, gifs and videos

  • Users get paid in token DOGE2 for their participation and engagement

  • To keep the users returning on a daily basis, they can stake DOGE2 and harvest coins DOGE420 and DOGE69 daily

Self-Sustainable Model & Governance

  • 3rd Generation Yield Farm

  • Farming LP tokens

  • Staking in the pools

  • Cheese Dip(Pools for rewarding partnered tokens)

  • Buyback and burn

  • Governance system for important decisions(such as buyback and burn allocations and decisions)

DOGE MEME coins:

  • Coins DOGE2, DOGE420 and DOGE69

  • XVMC holders can stake in the Cheese dip to earn DOGE2

  • DOGE2, DOGE420 and DOGE69 are included in Mac& buyback&Burn (a portion of fees decided by community is used for buying and burning back the tokens for deflationary effects)

  • Stake DOGE2 and passively earn DOGE420 and DOGE69

  • DOGE2 will be base currency and reward on an up-and-coming Mac&Cheese.Fun viral meme platform

  • Charts - Polygon coins charting platform


  • Migrator code removal

  • Using time-tested, proven and heavily audited smart contracts (goosedefi)

Upcoming Features

  • Governance system

  • MEME platform

  • Non Fungible Tokens(NFTs)